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Disability Equality In Sport

About Interactive

About Interactive


An active and inclusive capital.


To create a society where being active is an intrinsic part of a disabled person’s life and disabled people are at the heart of sport in London.

What we do:

  • Advocate disability equality in sport
  • Influence those who govern sport to view disabled people as equals
  • Support those who provide sport to turn their commitment to equality into a reality
  • Enable disabled people to view being active as a viable lifestyle opportunity for them
  • Place disabled people at the heart of sport in London.

What we believe:

  • The term sport incorporates all levels and types of physical activity
  • Universal adherement to the social model of disability, the cultural model of Deafness and the principals of ‘Nothing About Us, Without Us’ is key to achieving an increase in the number of active disabled people.
  • Being active and having the opportunity to be and remain active are fundamental disability rights.
  • Interactive should be influenced by disabled people in all that it does.
  • We should aspire to have disabled people as central components within all levels of Interactive and we should have a clear plan for how this is achieved.
  • Our commitment to equality should permeate through our own work and the work of our partners.