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Disability Equality In Sport

Promoting Activity Toolkit

Promoting Activity Toolkit

The Promoting Activity toolkit is a series of practical tools to help you market
and promote sport and activity quickly, cheaply and easily in your area.

Interactive was part of the promoting activity toolkit steering group and is pleased to recomend the resources on the Promoting Activity Toolkit website to sport and physical activity providers.

Strategic planning

The strategic planning tool is useful to see what ‘type’ of people live in your local area. The ‘types’ of people relate to the work undertaken by Sport England, other wise known as Market Segmentation.

Sport England has developed nineteen sporting segments to help us understand the nations’ attitudes and motivations – why they play sport and why they do not play sport. The segments provide the knowledge to influence people to take part. Each segment can be explored at differing geographic levels. It is possible to find out what people's sporting habits are in a particular street, community, local authority or region.

To find out more about market segmentation visit Sport England

Communication Plans and Promotional Messages

Find promotional messages for each of the segments relating to which sport or activity they are most likely to participate in. This information helps you know what to write on a poster to persuade a particular segment to participate.

Marketing Materials

The marketing materials section of the website helps you to develop posters and leaflets specific to your activity and market segment. It takes you step by step through designing your promotional literature as well as giving you ideas relating to the age, gender and type of activity you are promoting.

The Photo Gallery

The gallery contains hundreds of photos from Sport England, NHS London, Inclusive Fitness Initiative and Back to Netball that are free to download and use in your promotional material.