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Disability Equality In Sport



Our key tool

We use inclusion as our key tool to achieve an increase in participation by disabled people in sport and physical activity in London.

We define inclusion as the process of accepting responsibility and taking necessary steps to ensure that every disabled person is given an equality of opportunity. Inclusive activity involves increasing access to, participation within, and reducing exclusion from, any arena that provides sport and physical activity.

Inclusion is about ensuring that there is equality of duty and that disabled people are treated with the same level of respect and importance as non-disabled people. Therefore, it is essential that mainstream sport and physical activity providers are responsible and accountable to provide and include disabled people at all levels and that inclusive provision is embedded rather than simply an “add on”.

We support the entire inclusion spectrum to include disabled people in sport and physical activity including: fully inclusive activities, modified (integrated) activities, parallel activities, adapted activities (reverse integration) and discrete activities (segregated activities). We believe that exclusive opportunities in an inclusive environment should be part of a disabled person’s journey through sport and physical activity but its provision should not be used as justification for ignoring full inclusion.